Welcome to Hell

Where's Your God Now?

A girl who I once knew who died from heart cancer kept no mirrors in her house. I asked her why, she said “mirrors judge to much” 

Broods - Evergreen (Full Album)

You should really listen to this album. I listen to it when i think about the friends I will never see again ._.

Broods - Never Gonna Change


"Never Gonna Change"

had me feeling like you were the one
and it’s never gonna feel like it’s time
'cause it's never gonna change

Broods - Everytime


Everytime by Broods. “Cause every time is the last time and I’m kicking myself trying to be understanding.”

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no one cares if you don’t like short hair on girls shut the fuck up

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Today I accidentally sat on a bee… That didn’t end well for either of us… 

Sorry I haven’t posted of a long time, but I just moved cross country and was very distracted.




Myer Brigs To Suicide

Anonymous said: You are a fag. That makes me gag. Get it? Cause you're gay.


You are a dick. That makes me sick. Get it? Cause you’re an asshole.