Welcome to Hell

Where's Your God Now?

Imagine Dragons - Bleeding Out


'Bleeding Out' by Imagine Dragons 

Imagine Dragons - Monster
A monster, a monster,
I’ve turned into a monster,
A monster, a monster,
And it keeps getting stronger

(Source: argehts)

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Blue Foundation, Digital Daggers, Bastille, Arcade Fire,  Imagine Dragons, Gary Jules, Adele, Fitz & the Tantrums


     I D R E A M you’re still here,
          Ever slightly out of R E A C H.
     I dream you’re still H E R E,
          But it B R E A K S so easily.
     I try to P R O T E C T you,
          I can’t let you F A D E.
     I feel you S L I P P I N G
          I feel you slipping A W A Y.

“You’ll never know what hit you,
Won’t see me closing in,
I’m gonna make you suffer,
This hell you put me in.
I’m underneath your skin,
The devil within.
You’ll never know what hit you.”

—   Devil Within: Digital Daggers (via insanityismycure)
Digital Daggers - Razor's Edge


I'm scared cause the past keeps pulling me back.
Distorting the future. It's holding me close.
It loves me the most.
It's tearing the sutures. It won't let me heal.
It tells us what's real, there is no truth there.
My vision's gone black.
Digital Daggers - Can't Sleep, Can't Breathe


Can't Sleep Can't Breathe - Digital Daggers - The Devil Within

Can’t sleep, can’t breathe

Won’t get no peace with me


Just pull the trigger, I’ll take the blame.


Just pull the trigger, I’ll take the blame.

Digital Daggers - Where the Lonely Ones Roam


Where The Lonely Ones Roam - Digital Daggers - The Devil Within

Say you have a little faith in me

Just close your eyes and let me lead