Welcome to Hell

Where's Your God Now?

A girl who I once knew who died from heart cancer kept no mirrors in her house. I asked her why, she said “mirrors judge to much” 

Broods - Evergreen (Full Album)

You should really listen to this album. I listen to it when i think about the friends I will never see again ._.

Broods - Never Gonna Change


"Never Gonna Change"

had me feeling like you were the one
and it’s never gonna feel like it’s time
'cause it's never gonna change

Broods - Bridges


Bridges | Broods

if any word that i said

could have made you forget

i’d have given you them all

but it was all in your head

Broods - Everytime


Everytime by Broods. “Cause every time is the last time and I’m kicking myself trying to be understanding.”


no one cares if you don’t like short hair on girls shut the fuck up

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Today I accidentally sat on a bee… That didn’t end well for either of us… 

Sorry I haven’t posted of a long time, but I just moved cross country and was very distracted.




Myer Brigs To Suicide